About BLM

The mission of the Taiwanese Institute of Built Environment Lifecycle Management is to provide a connecting platform for crucial players and professionals in various fields of industry, government, and academia to utilize the latest technology and management method to fulfill the needs throughout the construction of the entire life cycle of built environment. We dedicate to maximize the construction value by establishing the integrated operating procedures to coordinate the vertical and horizontal professionals’ cross different projects and tasks. We support both private and public construction projects in Taiwan to create a sustainable development environment and enhance the living environment functions and the urban construction in the country.


Combining BIM (Building Information Management) platform and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) process creates BLM(Building Lifecycle Management) system, which coordinate and control all of the information about a building project in advance and continuing throughout its entire lifecycle, and fulfill the circular economy and benefit the whole construction industry.

Built Smart, Green, Healthy and Sustainable living Environment. →ESG+ Digital Twin
BLM Service
  • Integrate and provide members the information of human resources, technology, and knowledges essential to the Built Environment Lifecycle Management.
  • Accelerate the establishment of specifications and information exchange standards required for the Built Environment Lifecycle Management.
  • Improve the productivity of new technologies in the entire life cycle of the built environment and the effectuality of facility management.
  • Conduct promotion activities or visits related to the issues of Built Environment Lifecycle Management both domestically and abroad.
  • Host forums, trainings, and other relevant activities to educate innovative technologies and cultivate professional talents.
  • Manage other issues or topics related to the entire Built Environment Lifecycle Management.